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Published on January 31, 2019 | career counseling| Career Talks| Choosing a Career| Employment
Most Promising Jobs of 2019


Are you wondering what diversity of career options are available and best to head towards in the Digital World today? So, here we are with a list of the most promising jobs of 2019, that you could explore if you are deciding what career to work up to or are planning a career shift. If you don’t find what you were looking for in this list, fret not as Albert Schweitzer said, “ Success is not the key to happiness, Happiness is the key to Success; If you love what you are doing then you will be successful.”

These positions offer high salaries, a significant number of job openings and yearly growth most likely to lead to a promotion.

Sales. Design. Marketing. We have it all on this list.

We have also included the median salaries for each job profile with a list of soft skills and hard skills you need for each position.

Strengthening a soft skill is one of the best investments you can make in your career. With the rise of AI, soft skills are becoming increasingly important, as they are precisely the type of skills robots can’t automate.

The soft skills companies are looking for in 2019: Creativity, Persuasion, Collaboration, Adaptability and Time Management.

The Hard Skills Companies are looking for in 2019: With the digitization of the world, that means a spike in cloud computing and AI, but it also means a spike in improving that digital experience (i.e. UX Design, web development, etc.).


So let’s dive right into it…

These Jobs are in no particular order :


Data Scientist

Median Base Salary: $130,000

Soft Skills – Critical Thinking, Communication, Problem Solving, Business Intuition, Curiosity

Hard Skills – Data Science, Data Mining, Data Analysis, Python, Machine Learning

Site Reliability Engineer

Median Base Salary: $200,000

Soft Skills – Communication Skills, Influence

Hard Skills – Linux, Software Development, Python, Cloud Computing, SQL

Enterprise Account Executive

Median Base Salary: $182,000

Soft Skills- Creativity, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership Qualities, Relationship Building, Speaking Skills

Hard Skills- Cloud Computing, Sales Management, Software-as-a-Service, Salesforce, Solution Selling

Product Designer

Median Base Salary: $121,500

Soft Skills- Empathy, Effective Collaborator, Adaptivity, Open-minded, Emotional intelligence

Hard Skills- Product Design, User Experience (UX), User Interface design, Graphic Design, Adobe Photoshop

Product Owner

Median Base Salary: $101,000

Soft Skills- Storyteller, Delegator, Conflict Resolver, Effective Escalator

Hard Skills- Business Analytics, Agile Methodologies, Business Process Improvement, Scrum

Customer Success Manager

Median Base Salary: $88,500

Soft Skills- Customer Satisfaction, Empathy, Relationship Builder, Persuasive, Project and Time Management

Hard Skills- Customer Relationship Management, Salesforce, Software-as-a-Service, Cloud Computing

Engagement Manager

Median Base Salary: $130,000

Soft Skills- Creativity, Communication Skills, Organisational Skills, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Team Work, Flexibility

Hard Skills- Program Management, Business Analysis, Business Process Improvement, Analytics, Customer Relationship Management

Solutions Architect

Median Base Salary: $139,000

Soft Skills- Public Speaking, Networking, Art of Influencing, Decision Making, Negotiation Skills, Assertiveness

Hard Skills- Solutions Architecture, Cloud Computing, Software Development, SQL, Software Development Lifecycle.


Information Technology Lead

Median Base Salary: $121,000

Soft Skills- Ability to Motivate, Composure, Influence, Protective Instincts, Sales, Humility

Hard Skills- Information Technology, Technical Support, Business Process Improvement, Business Analysis, Troubleshooting

Scrum Master

 Median Base Salary: $103,000

Soft Skills- Persistence, Good Listening Skills, Facilitation, Accountability, Servant Leadership, Team Player

Hard Skills- Scrum, Agile Methodologies, Software Development, Business Analysis, Software Development Lifecycle

Cloud Architect

Median Base Salary: $155,00

Soft Skills- Leadership, Negotiation Skills, Decision Making, Team Player, Perspective Awareness

Hard Skills- Cloud Computing, Software Development, Amazon Web Services, Solution Architecture, Linux

Product Marketing Manager

Median Base Salary: $134,000

Soft Skills- Empathy, Creativity, Problem Solving, Research Skills, Analytics, Marketing, Copywriting, Strategic Planning

Hard Skills- Product Marketing, Product Management, Digital Marketing, Cross-functional, Team Leadership, Product Development

Solutions Consultant

Median Base Salary: $110,000

Soft Skills- Attention to Detail, Thoughtful, Analytical, Strategic, Resourceful, Curious

Hard Skills- Cloud Computing, Enterprise Software, Customer Relationship Management, Software-as-a-Service, Business Analysis

Product Manager

Median Base Salary: $121,000

Soft Skills- Cross-Functional Team Leadership, Persuasion, Business Acumen, Negotiation, Evangelism, Customer Advocacy

Hard Skills- Product Management, Product Development, Engineering, Product Marketing

Machine Learning Engineer

Median Base Salary: $182,000

Soft Skills- Time Management, Business/ Domain Knowledge, Communication, Rapid Prototyping

Hard Skills- Machine Learning, Python, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science

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