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Career in sports in India
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Published on August 29, 2017 | Choosing a Career| Education News| Unheard avenues
Importance of Sports as a career in India



Do you have a zeal for sports and are looking forward to pursuing a career in sports? As a parent are you concerned about the scope in this field? Or as a student are you uncertain about making it to the elite league, however, you still want to be connected with your passion?

If you’ve nodded your head in affirmation, then you are not alone! 

A career in sports – Sweat, grit and immense discipline ! 

Gone are the days when sports were traditionally considered as a hobby, especially in India, is now being considered as a serious career option. In India, sports is still a flourishing industry, but if you’re under the impression that career in sports is all about fame and glamour, there is a flip-side to it. There is grit, perseverance and immense discipline that is required to be eligible for various international level pursuits. Sports today is no longer about a game on the field it is also about the popularity and the pride it brings.  This confluence has turned athletes into sports stars and has sparked a need to skillfully manage both the players and the game. 

Even if you’re not an athlete but still passionate about sports, it is still possible for you to pursue your interest as a profession. 

Careers related to sports in India
Pic credits – Yokibu


In India, it is natural for a parent or a student to think twice before taking up sports as a career. This is mainly because of the perceived uncertainty that a sportsperson has to constantly battle with in their lives. Parents want their children to choose a more tangible profession that guarantees a job and a sustained growth over a period of time. This concern, many times create and undue pressure on the child to bank upon on Plan B – purely in academic background, so that he/she can have an alternative to rely on. Worse is, making your primary interest itself into a plan-B and eventually let go! 

 It comes with the notion that sports is a high-risk career. Apart from risks of injury, competitiveness, and instability, there are many other factors which make the parents averse to this field, especially in India. This includes lack of apathy within the governing body, infrastructure, lack of experienced coaches etc. 

Indian professional badminton player, Saina Nehwal talks about how difficult it is to be a sports person in India.

Then and Now – Changing the landscape of Indian Sports.

Comparing the Indian sports industry 10 years ago with the current scenario, there is a remarkable difference. Earlier, Cricket was considered as a dominant professional career but recently many other sports have started to pick up the pace. Many national and international level leagues are being formed, thus providing athletes an opportunity to get in the forefront of their respective sports. 

Even the Indian Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi believes that sports can now be considered as a serious career option. He says

India has huge potential in sports. India is a sports loving country. The passion with which my young friends watch the ongoing Champions Trophy is the same with which they see the EPL football or NBA basketball fixtures and the F1 Races. We have no shortage of talent. But we need ts provide right kind of opportunity and create an eco-system to nurture the talent.”


This transition is fueling up big private giants, who have started contributing immensely towards the culture of sports in India. They do so by participating in corporate social responsibility channels, PPP in sports infrastructure development and for profit in sports academies. Various sports leagues have now emerged as a primary vehicle for the private sector.

This is where exists a wide area of opportunities for a person with skills and experience of a game along with an academic interest in a field, where he/she can build a career that is at par with other career options in academic backgrounds, offering good monetary benefits and social status.


Careers in Sports
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Some of the most fruitful and promising areas that one can explore in Sports are –

1. Sports Analyst

Sports analysts play a very important role in presenting and explaining sports to the audiences. They are the professionals who provide an expert discussion of sports-related topics before, during, or after a sporting event. They are usually former athletes who have participated in the sport and have good knowledge about the same. As a sports analyst, you need to pay close attention to game outcomes, player stats, win-loss records and other statistical information.  Your job will be to make authoritative assessments and predictions based on statistical models.

Sports Analyst
Credit: Steve Debenport E+ Getty Images


2. Sports Lawyer

Sports law is a fascinating and rapidly developing field of legal practice and academic inquiry. In simple words, it is a term describing the legal issues related to sports. The role of a sports lawyer is to represent sports persons in various aspects of their profession who require assistance in understanding the terms and different provisions of their contracts, endorsements, and agreements.

Sports Lawyer
Credits – Sports Networker

3. Sports Manager

Sports Management is a field which involves handling the organization and scheduling of their clients. A Sports Manager’s  primary responsibility is to make it easier for their clients to focus on winning without worrying about the business or organizational aspect of sports. It’s important to have a good business sense and the ability to communicate and negotiate in serious discussions about big issues in order to become a successful Sports Manager. There are diverse career opportunities with Sports Management such as Sports Blogger, Sports Philanthropy, Player Appearances, Sports Events Planning, Compliance Professional etc.

Sports Management Jobs


4. Sports Psychology

Sports psychology is an interdisciplinary science that uses psychological knowledge and skills to address optimal performance and well-being of athletes, developmental and social aspects of sports participation, and systemic issues associated with sports settings and organizations. Sports psychologists often work with several different types of athletes, from amateurs to professionals. Athletes might seek out these professionals on their own, or coaches might seek the help of these types of psychologists when they notice that the athletes under their tutelage seem to be off.

Sports Psychology


5. Sports Tourism

The term ‘Sports Tourism’ basically means tourism that is based on the theme of sports. It refers to a specific travel outside the usual environment for either passive or active involvement in competitive sport. Sport is the primary reason for travel whereas the leisure element may reinforce the overall experience. According to experts, Sports Tourism is one of the most rapidly evolving niches in India.


6. Sports Journalism

People who love storytelling a sport can opt for Sports Journalism. It is a very exciting and intriguing career to take up.


7. Sports Announcer/Commentator:

Sports announcers discuss relevant aspects of the game on live radio or television. They are involved in interviewing players and coaches.

8. Sports Writer:

They keep the fans updated with written content, expressing their opinion about all aspects of the game, sportswriters have a lot to share. The topics they cover include predictions, gameplay, stats, team preview etc.

9. Television Sports Producer:

It’s the studio Sports Producer’s job to fill the time allotted with quality content. Sports Producers should fix on topics covered, how they appear, and how much time is spent on each segment for a smooth flow of the show.

10. Sports Marketing:

Coming up with strategies for marketing sports brands, apparel, and accessories. It also includes how a brand positions itself in the market.

Sports Tourism


Navigus – helping you find a fruitful balance of your professional interests.

We understand that new unheard areas again bring anxiety in understanding whether or not it is sustainable as a long term career goal for your children. Be it Sports Analyst, Sports Management or Sports nutrition, we here at Navigus, have a recommendation and a guidance engine that leverages reliable data sets which can derive a likely career trajectory for your child. We provide an unbiased guidance and mentorship considering his/her interests, individual traits, aptitude and core motivations and many more quantifiable parameters.

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  1. hi i am from pune , in pune which college is best for sports management or institute of sports science institution about and what is sports science….

  2. We need a lot to develop..This will be a good opportunity for many sports lovers who are interested to work in this field.

  3. I m doing sports management and I’m currently working in sports village amd working on a project called Mumbai games.

  4. I am currently sports analyst and breakdown several games so what are the future opportunities for my growth or companies where i can switch?

  5. I am an MBA student and a sports enthusiastic person. I am interested to pursue my career in this field. Kindly ping me if there is any chance.

  6. I am gaurav,and i am persuing diploma in sports management from IRONWOOD college, Initially I was ready to fit in sports background,but today i feel i am sitting home for more than a month and rest of my friends are working on internship,i dont find any genuine reason to further continue this course.Its been 2month my course started and my fees have pe paid,and now when i am asking them to refund my money they are blaming me for not clearing the interview and the fees paid cannot be refunded,This is making me more stressful and now I take sleeping pills to sleep,This is how my life got changed,If you got clue how can my money be refunded please revert

  7. Hi am a sports crazy man I live sports
    But career in sports is very difficult I love to get your help to make my dream come true

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