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Published on September 29, 2016 | Choosing a Career
Career Decisions – Are you Happy or Successful? Can you be both?


Have you ever pondered on what success and happiness mean to you? Are they the same or do they mean different things? When would you consider yourself happy? When you’re successful?  For instance, if you excelled at your board exams but weren’t happy about scoring less on your favourite subject. Would you consider yourself happy or successful?  How about if you took career decisions keeping only paychecks in mind and nothing more, not how you feel about the work, the lifestyle you’d have to live, the type of work it would be or the span of your own personal growth. Would you consider yourself successful, in having a large paycheck at the cost of your time and personal life?

These very questions were bugging, Mehak Sethi, a successful lawyer turned photographer. Someone, all too familiar with the struggle between career success and happiness. Not having gone through any career guidance, Mehak chose to pursue law after 12th. Just like many of his friends. He pursued his law from ILS Law College, Pune. One amongst the best law colleges in Pune. He then went on to get his Masters from the University of  Glasgow. However, in spite of being a successful lawyer working alongside established lawyers in the country such as Indira Jaising, and travelling to several destinations such as USA and Afghanistan, Mehak was marred with dissatisfaction, stress and unhappiness. It was only then, that he listened to his heart’s desire and decided to call it quits.

Mehak reveals to us his story. From basking under the sun in Afghanistan as an advocate to training under a professional photographer, Lana Šlezić. Mehak has gone down the rabbit hole of career dissatisfaction and emerged out the other end happy and successful. Find out how he did it from the video below.


For all your career decisions, here are some numbers you should consider-

Your professional life in a nutshell!

Here is an approximate of the number of employment hours that you will invest in your professional life.

total hours spent working,career guidance, career decission, career builder, total employment hours

A total of 25 years or 65,000 hours! You spend all these hours working. Hence it’s safe to assume that your work shall potentially affect every aspect of your life – be it mental, physical and personal. Hence shouldn’t a career where you actually love what you do and are good at it make more sense? Wouldn’t you rather be employed in a field where your complete potential is being utilised? Career guidance can help with identifying the careers most suited to your skills and talents. So that you may make an informed career decision.

On a final note, We’d love to hear from you on what you thought of Mehak’s story and if it inspired you? If so, let us know your views in the comments below and do share this post amidst your circles. Also, SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube Channel for many such inspiring videos.

So have you found your path to career success and happiness yet? Reach out to us at Navigus, where we can help you discover and realise where your talents and potential lies. Do not be dissuaded by the allure of a job’s paycheck. If you’re unhappy, make the switch. It’s never too late to start a career if it’s the right career. Though the plethora of career opportunities might be hard to sift through, our career guidance can help navigate you onto the right path.

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  1. You should move in the direction where your interest is. The career choice has to be related to your passion. By adopting the career that gives you happiness will make you more successful faster. The only drawback is finding the one. It will take some time to search the career, but if you are consistent in what you do and making yourself better every day then eventually you will find your choice of career.

    Thank you

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