Know Your Degree: B.E. vs B.Tech.


There has always been a confusion on the difference between a Bachelor of Engineering(B.E.) degree and a Bachelor of Technology(B.Tech.) degree. While both degrees are awarded after completing a four-year undergraduate engineering programme in India, the different names of the degrees never fail to make one try to differentiate one from the other. The General Notions: […]


15 factors to consider when you choose your college


We cannot stress enough on how important it is to choose the right career for yourself. But once you make up your mind about that, it is equally important to choose the right college. Picking the right institution can be quite tedious as you have to meticulously analyse several aspects in order to make sure […]


How Involved Should Parents Be In Choosing Child’s Career


If you have been through the career choosing phase, you would be able to recall the chaos and anxiety clouding your life at that point. By your life, I also mean your parents’ lives because by society standards, the lives of our parents are hugely defined by how their children turn out to be. Moreover, our […]


What You Wish You Knew Before Choosing Your Career: Episode 3


In the third episode of our video series, we talk to professionals who sought career counselling from professional counsellors to make better decisions in choosing their careers. Years down the career lane, here’s their retrospective take on counselling. Deciding on a career for yourself, as paramount as it is, could be a disconcerting process. There […]


Psychometric Tests: Logical or Astrological?

You must have seen Facebook personality quizzes which, through short questionnaires, tell you which movie character you are or which breed of dog you would be, if you were one. If you have taken one of these quizzes, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume that you enjoy them and most often than not, show […]