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The what

Navigus aims to create a perpetual mentoring platform that would empower students and professionals to gain clarity and exponentially increase their proficiency, with the most efficient investment of time, effort and money. Navigus does this through a combination of data science backed automation and subjective models built through human expertise.

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The why

Navigus is built with a culture of keeping our users interest and freedom of choice ahead of everything else. All Navigus products and assets are built with keeping originality and logic above everything else. We like to be thorough with all aspects of our work and execute things with a plan.

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The Who

All members of team Navigus come from diverse backgrounds of art, engineering, research, operations, business administration and more. All of us believe in the common goal of upgrading the current system of education and training using technologies like data science, natural language processing, simultaneously backed by expert professionals' knowledge from a large number of fields.

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Our Products

Would you like to connect to hand picked and vetted industry professionals who have demonstrated extreme proficiency in their respective fields OR Do you need a personalised, tailor fitted career roadmap that takes your will, skill and motivation in account? We have you covered. Explore our products for more.

Our team

Want to work with some of the best talent and build amazing products? Join the Navigus team and help shape the future of career guidance.

Team Gallery

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