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Your unbiased personalized guide to a thriving academic and professional career through a finely balanced blend of objectivity of data science, technology and subjectivity, empathy of humans

What we do


Auriga provides on-demand mentoring through a set of globally hand picked and vetted industry professionals who have demonstrated extreme proficiency in their respective fields. The sessions are supplanted by expert recommendations & reports collated by an automated super mentor.

Auriga Mentorship Platform

What we do


Take control of your career through comprehensive, tailor fitted career roadmap just for YOU. Orion delivers this by crafting a perfect match between a fine balance of YOUR will, skills, and motivation, and millions of career fields data points built by field experts and perennial data gathering systems

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Reasons to love Navigus

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Tailor Crafted for You

Unlike other career guidance/professional development solutions, Navigus fits career & professional development paths for you and not the other way around.

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Unbiased, Consistent & Data Driven

Navigus data systems are forever scouring for objective that gives a holistic current view of professional/academic fields and prevents any biased, opinionated or ad-hoc views of individuals

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Dynamic & Adaptive

Navigus products adapt themselves to the pace and changing needs of their users, course correcting themselves as to deliver the best learning and guidance outcomes