What You Wish You Knew Before Choosing Your Career: Episode 2

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We’re back with the Second Episode of our video series, aimed at helping the school students of 11th and 12th standards make better career choices. We talked to professionals about the career path they started out with and the disconnect that arose. Here’s the video compilation of what they said. A lot of times, even if you have […]


What You Wish You Knew Before Choosing Your Career: Episode 1


Choosing what to study plays a pivotal role in one’s life as it paves out the career path. It could be an easy decision for those who pick their destination early on in their lives. But for most of the students, it’s a cocktail of confusion, pressure and apprehension, loaded generously with advices and counselling coming […]


Robots Are Killing Your Jobs. Are You Prepared?


We have read about it in novels, seen it in numerous movies and now, we are reading it in newspapers. The world is being taken over by technology and humans are being replaced by technological versions of the workforce, driven by automation and Artificial Intelligence. This is not a superficial notion or a form of fiction […]