Career Decisions – One Essential Tip You Must Not Forget!

Have you ever pondered upon what does success and happiness mean to you? Are they the same or mean different things? Like when you excelled in your board exams but you still weren’t happy about it because you scored less in your favorite subject?

On similar lines, Mehak Sethi, a successful lawyer turned photographer, went through the same struggle of understanding the difference between career success and happiness. After class 12th, he chose to do law just like his other friends. He pursued his law from ILS Law college, which was the second best law college in Pune. He later went on to get his Masters from University of  Glasgow. In spite of being a successful lawyer and working alongside established lawyers in the country such as Indira Jaising and travelling to many destinations such as US and Afghanistan, Mehak was marred with dissatisfaction, stress and unhappiness. It was only then, he listened to his heart’s desire and decided to call it quits.

Our Professional Life in A Nutshell!

Here is an approximate of how many hours are invested in our professional life.


65,000 hours! You spend these many hours working in your life, which potentially affects every aspect of your life – be it mental, physical and personal. Wouldn’t it be worth to do something you actually love and are good at?

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  • Urvashi Posted 9-1-2017 at 7:14 am
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    You should move in the direction where your interest is. The career choice has to be related to your passion. By adopting the career that gives you happiness will make you more successful faster. The only drawback is finding the one. It will take some time to search the career, but if you are consistent in what you do and making yourself better every day then eventually you will find your choice of career. Thank you

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